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Your guide to a Healthy Home

Your guide to a Healthy Home

Have you ever considered how just staying at home or going to bed can affect your health? How, our seemingly safe environment can actually be harmful to us? Let that sink in. Not a lot of us give thought to our indoor environment or how can we improve it with proper deep cleaning, sanitisation and disinfecting services.

Sanitisation companies in the UAE, like The Healthy Home® are on a mission to provide customers with healthier homes and the best indoor air quality possible to create a better living environment for them. Why do you need house cleaning services like these for your home in Dubai or any of the other emirates? Let’s find out.


Did you know that the air pollutants found indoors are around 2 to 5 times higher than the number found outdoors? That’s not all, statistics show that almost 50% of illnesses you suffer from are aggravated by the polluted indoor air that surrounds you.

If these numbers aren’t enough, consider this - over the last 20 years, childhood asthma rates have increased by 160% owing to the bad air quality indoors.

No matter how much of a cleanliness freak you are or how frequently you clean your homes, dust mites and other microorganisms have no qualms building colonies almost everywhere. Studies show that up to 2 million dust mites live in our mattress - the mattress we sleep on!

Also alarming is the fact that sofas, carpets and curtains in your house are also usually home to millions of dust mites and other living organisms, making these surfaces up to 7 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

These numbers might come as a shock to most of you, but they are true. And that is why you need the experts to handle the dust mite infestation that is already residing in your house and is probably causing health complications you’re unaware of. These may include, but aren’t limited to allergies, eczema, asthma and other respiratory problems.

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Established in 2013, The Healthy Home® is a regional company providing deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation services in the UAE, with cutting edge technology and eco-friendly products. Their drive behind running a professional home disinfection service in Dubai and other emirates was inspired by a long history of asthma and other respiratory allergies in the family, resulting from the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East.

With The Healthy Home you can count on specialised professional house cleaning services, designed to cater to your needs. Like the name suggests, The Healthy Home services focus on creating and helping you maintain a wellness-oriented living environment for you and your families.

How do they do that? They actively implement holistic methods of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising homes in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates as well as spread awareness on the importance of a better and healthier lifestyle at home and beyond.


The Healthy Home offers more than 10 specialised cleaning and disinfecting services in the UAE. Let’s look at some of these in detail.

Pure Sleep® Mattress Cleaning and Sanitisation

We spend 1/3 of our time on our mattress sleeping, lazing around or simply resting. As mentioned before, these mattresses become home to millions of dust mites, bacteria and many other living organisms, which are medically proven to trigger health problems like asthma, allergies, eczema and morning fatigue.

The Healthy Home Pure Sleep® Mattress Cleaning Service is a medically-developed, deep mattress cleaning and sanitising treatment that is dry, eco-friendly and chemical-free. The treatment is administered in a three-step process to ensure the best and safest result for your mattress.

  • A specialized industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device with HEPA filtration, which is 11 times stronger than a normal household vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum the mattress.

  • Medical-grade Germicidal Ultraviolet Light (GUVL) technology is used to destroy microorganism DNA on the surface.

  • A dry steam sanitisation is carried out at 180°C to kill any remaining bacteria, viruses and impurities. The dry steam eliminates any chances of mold generation.

Pure Living® Deep Furniture Cleaning and Sanitisation

We unknowingly expose our upholstery to food crumbs, body grease, dust, dirt particles and microorganisms on a daily basis. This creates the perfect living and breeding environment for dust mites, viruses, bacteria and allergens. Most importantly, it affects your indoor air quality and your health.

With the Pure Living® Deep Furniture Cleaning and Sanitisation service, The Healthy Home ensures thorough cleaning of your furniture using the same method it uses for mattress cleaning. The only difference is that furniture does not require the Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Treatment.

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Pure Air® AC Duct Cleaning and Sanitisation

Similar to the mattresses and furniture, your AC system can provide the perfect breeding environment to a number of contaminants such as dust, mold and bacteria. These contaminants spread around your indoor space and contribute to common health, allergy, respiratory and fatigue issues. This is why you need good AC duct cleaning services in the UAE.

AC duct cleaning ensures you and your family have better indoor air quality and a healthier living environment. The Healthy Home’s Pure Air® AC Duct Cleaning and Sanitization treatment is a 7-step process that cleans and disinfects the full AC system using German eco-friendly products and powerful, top-of-the-line Spanish robotic equipment to get the job done.


All of the above listed cleaning and sanitisation services in the UAE will bring you a host of benefits. The biggest one being improved indoor air quality. In addition, you may also notice that:

  • Your sleep quality improves

  • You have better energy levels

  • It is easier to breathe

  • You find relief from asthma and allergies

Other than the general benefits of cleaning and sanitising your space, the AC duct cleaning services may also result in:

  • Eliminating bad odour

  • Increased cooling

  • Lower power consumption bills


While The Healthy Home sanitisation and cleaning company does its job, you also need to be proactive about maintaining the healthy air quality in your home. For that, it is important to remember that:

  • Dust mites tend to regrow to their original quantities of 2 million every 6 months.

  • To maintain a healthy home make sure you get your furniture and mattress deep cleaned every 6 month and the AC every year.

Hiring professional home disinfection and cleaning services every six months will make a huge difference to your indoor living environment, but you can always disinfect your home using simple cleaning techniques.

There you have it - your guide to maintaining a healthy home. Reach out to our wellness consultants to book your

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