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Corporate Wellness Solutions

  • from Dhs. 126.00

    Gelair™ Tub

    Gelair™ Tub is the simplest way to stop mold and bacteria in low air volume and reduced air flow areas such as bathrooms, toilets and wardrobes. Th...

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    from Dhs. 126.00
  • Dhs. 68.50

    Gelair™ Health-e Car

    Gelair™ Health-e Car provides a safe and effective way to control mold, bacteria and viruses in your vehicle. Over time pollen, dust, dirt, fungus...

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    Dhs. 68.50
  • Dhs. 147.00

    Gelair™ Air Conditioning Block

    Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil in a specially formulated Gelair™ gel matrix block. The Gelair™ Air Conditioning Block is specifically designed to pro...

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    Dhs. 147.00
  • Dhs. 132.00

    Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT

    Gelair™ delivers the benefits of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to improve your indoor air quality and environment using a range of healthy living te...

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    Dhs. 132.00
  • Dhs. 199.08

    Mia - The Little, Elegant Aroma Diffuser

    The aroma diffuser Mia spreads fragrances optimally throughout the room via a very fine mist (up to 10 h running time). The LED is shielded to the ...

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    Dhs. 199.08