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Faucet - Water Filter

Dhs. 49.00
" Change the Way you drink Water."

-Natural Zeolite
-Calcium Sulfate
-Active Carbon
-Remove rust, chlorine, bacteria and more from your tap water
-Quick and easy installation
-Fits most round household faucets

This Product is designed to work with most standard household faucets sized 21mm – 23mm. Simply slip on the end of your faucet and enjoy!

-This product has 3 layers of filters:
-Non-woven fabrics to remove the iron rust in the running water
-Natural zeolite to remove bacteria & heavy metals
-Active carbon to remove the smell and taste of chlorine

-Upon first use, let the water flow through the filter for 30 seconds. It is normal for black carbon powder to come out of the filter
-Do not use with water above 50℃
-Keep out of reach of children
-Please replace it every 2 months for maximum efficiency