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Mia - The Little, Elegant Aroma Diffuser

Dhs. 199.08

The aroma diffuser Mia spreads fragrances optimally throughout the room via a very fine mist (up to 10 h running time). The LED is shielded to the front and shines downwards in a subtle way.

Want a pleasant scent in the air? This is where Mia comes into play, the little, elegant aroma diffuser! Using ultrasonic technology, she optimally distributes scents and essential oils through extra fine mist. Thanks to the extremely low-noise operation and the subtle LED display reflecting on the surface in front of her, Mia is quiet and discreet.

  • SYSTEM: Ultrasonic   
  • OUTPUT LEVELS: 1                
  • ROOM COVERAGE (UP TO): 30 m²

  • Quiet
  • Up to 10 h running time
  • Extra fine mist

  • Power Consumption
  • 7.2 W

  • Dimensions (w/h/d)
  • 100 x 90 x 100 mm

  • Weight
  • 0.3 kg

  • Water tank size
  • 100 ml

  • Sound level
  • < 26 dB(A)