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Zoono® - Organic Skin Clear Acne Treatment - 24 Hour Protection 50 ml

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  • Stays active for up to 24 hours
  • Helps protect skin from bacterial acne
  • Aluminum and Metal Free
  • Water-Based, Non-Toxic and Alcohol-Free
  • Skin Soft, non-irritant

    Area of Application
  • Face
  • Skin

  • Zoono® Skin Clear controls germs that cause acne by forming an invisible antibacterial barrier and forms a long-lasting antimicrobial coating that bonds to the skin and protects against bacteria.

    Zoono® Skin Clear is gentle and will not discolor linen or clothing. For best results, wash the affected area first then towel dry. Simply apply the Skin Clear Foam by hand to the affected area and gently rub until dry. Regular application will help skin stay protected from germs that cause acne.